Welcome to Creating Worlds!

Welcome to creating-worlds.net, the official center for all things CanaryNet.
If you're reading this and you don't know why, you must've found the little secret.

Here you will find some interesting things, such as:

CanaryNet Imageboard
Our peertube instance
Some Git Repositories, because microshaft
beanman, go read it

About Who Now?

There is nothing that you need to know, other than that you probably know me. If you don't, I am amazed that you came across this place, but if you do, then you know who I am.

If you know anything about this site or the sites that this one links to, you should know who this guy is. If you don't, click here and spend a few minutes looking through what's there.

Here's some stuff about the deathmatch server:

We have an IRC server at irc.creating-worlds.net if you would like to communicate with us. Hopefully that is up.