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Here you will find some interesting things, such as:

Git repositories for our various projects, and possibly yours too!
CanarySearch: A searx instance for the birds
The CanaryNet Forums!
BeanMan (A comic by tetrec)


Cataclysmic Critter Collective
The Hue Zone
Coco's Place
Moxie's Music

Associate sites:


And last, but certainly not least:

My Page!

About Who Now?

I don't know, what about you? Tell me about yourself!

An animation of BeanMan dancing

What the fuss is a canary?

If you need to be told what a canary is, then you aren't one :P


We have an IRC server at irc.canarynet.xyz if you would like to communicate with us in real-time.

If you have suggestions, questions, or anything else to say to us, shoot us an email here.

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