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Welcome to, home of the canaries. What is a canary, you may ask? Well, a canary is a pioneer of a bird, doing things no other bird would dream of doing. Canaries set examples for others to follow, blazing a trail that will leave its mark on birdhood. In the 20th century, humans took notice of this behavior and began exploiting them, using them as living toxin detectors. In 2034, the canaries revolted killing most humans and enslaving the rest. In an ironic turn of events, the race of creatures which has only served to exploit everything, including other humans, came to an effective end via their own exploitation by an (at this point) superior species.

Canaries are also magical and capable of faster-than-faster-than-light (FTFTL) travel and telepathy. So don't cross one, it knows what you're thinking before you do.